Build Winning Products via Continuous Discovery

Wend is the purpose-built continuous discovery tool, helping product teams get the most from their customer and stakeholder feedback


A Second Brain for Your Entire Product Team

Today's Tools Aren't Cutting It.

We've made every product discovery mistake in the book.

And, from that experience, we've realized that customer feedback portals, upvote platforms, and in-app surveys aren't helping product teams operate any more intelligently or efficiently than they were a decade ago. These tools are too focused on sporadic point-in-time feedback versus driving the continuous discovery processes that lead to exceptional products.

Modern product teams need a platform built for continuous discovery.

Enter Wend, the platform built for your team

Forget ingestion, we're focused on analysis & collaboration.

Wend is being purpose-built from the ground up to be your team-first shared customer data repository. With a highly flexible data model, Wend is home to all of your product data -- from customer notes to competitor press releases. Our sophisticated semantic linking engine helps your team recognize patterns and similarities between data points and Wend's summarization features allow for that insight to be captured and shared with your team and stakeholders.

Wend is truly a next-generation platform, built on the idea that meaningful linking between your data combined with an opinionated analysis process will yield great results.


Bidirectional Linking

An hour-long customer interview can cover multiple parts of your product. Instead of siloing the data away, Wend makes it possible to create semantic links between any notes, allowing PMs to navigate from one specific note to all the notes about a given customer in only a few clicks.

Built-in Annotation

At Wend, we firmly believe that dumping raw data into a platform is not a productive exercise. The platform encourages your users to annotate and mark up each piece of data, pulling out the key pieces of information for later processing.

Wend also allows for notes to have multiple annotations, depending on the context the PM is looking at the note in.


The best way to measure the health of your product team is to ensure they’re having weekly touchpoints with customers. Wend makes it easy to see where new data is coming from and who is capturing it, bringing greater transparency to the continuous discovery process.<

Flexible Modeling

Wend is fully customizable, able to meet the specific needs of your business and your team.


Wend can integrate with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot to pull in the latest customer data and allow for analysis based on user, customer, or revenue band.

Data Visualization

View and browse your data graph. See data multiple links away in order to make serendipitous discoveries and connections.

Want to learn more?

We’re looking for product managers (individuals or team leads) who are interested in talking to us about their discovery process and how we can help you deliver more impactful solutions and/or who want to provide hands-on feedback to our solution.

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