Before Wend

You’re scrambling to keep track of customer, stakeholder, and general product feedback, constantly pulling yourself away from your work or ignoring valuable information. Your research and notes are stored everywhere. Business cases lack the punch of customer stories, your presentations are missing specificity, and your strategy documents don’t drive alignment.

After Wend

You feel awesome. Product feedback flows into one your own centralized repository where it is classified, analyzed, and ready for use. Customer stories and anecdotes come to you more quickly. You are a customer-driven development machine.

Become a Product-Led Company Through World Class Discovery

As fellow product managers, we know you struggle to collect, process, and take action on the feedback you get daily from stakeholders, customers, and coworkers. Information learned through Email, Slack, JIRA, Trello, user interviews, and lunch conversations frequently gets lost or misplaced. Valuable information that could make your product better becomes unfindable.

That's why we help you...

Make every conversation count

Store, tag, and retrieve the right pieces of product feedback, even if it’s nothing more than a hallway conversation. ProductSteps’ easy-to-use capture tools let you input signal directly or pull it from other platforms

Write compelling, thoughtful documents

Writing great docs is a challenge. ProductSteps helps by guiding you through your notes, surfacing crystal-clear customers examples which are the cornerstone of thought leadership like Jobs to Be Done Docs, Team Kickoffs, Business Canvas Docs, Epics, and Product Specs

Create alignment by showing your work

Deliver transparency into your decision-making process by letting any coworker or stakeholder read the source material that drove your decisions. Easily share the exact words a customer said directly with your developers, UX designers, and product marketers

Key Features


Organize raw data by common attributes & ensure nothing gets lost or categorized. Opinionated structure prevents data from getting lost

Summarized Learnings

Create summaries of raw data to capture learnings and make subsequent analysis easy and straightforward

Search & Filtering

Search and filter raw data based on tags or contents 

Validated Data

Without getting in the way, ensure that raw data is captured and catalogued correctly. Find and correct data that is missing key attributes

Easy Input

Capture signal from anywhere, whether that's a video call, personal notes, a hallway conversation, or a slide deck ProductSteps makes data input simple and straightforward

Tools to Share

Data shouldn't be siloed. Unlimited users or viewers. Unlimited notes. Integrate with other platforms via Zapier